Monk's BBQ - Voted Washington's Best Food Truck!


Monk's BBQ, which was recently named the top food truck in the region by WTOP, is a family owned business that is dedicated to serving traditional and authentic southern-style barbecue.  The food truck's main location is in the back roads of Waterford at the Corcoran Brewing Company, where it smokes up a storm of mouthwatering ribs, pulled pork, chicken and brisket every weekend from noon to 5 p.m. beginning in mid-April and lasting through late-November.

Corcoran is nestled on the back roads of Waterford and is one of Virginia's many new breweries and its first winery and brewery.  As you're following your nose to that wonderful smell of meat smoking, you'll quickly find Monk's wooden booth to the left of Corcoran's rust-colored barn, which is around the corner from the vineyard's wine tasting room.  Once you order, you get to sit down on the patio and enjoy your great food and drink out in the picturesque rural surroundings, complete with hops growing tall. It's definitely the perfect country setting to enjoy some marvelous barbecue and delicious local craft beers and wine!


We both ordered a meat platter, which comes with one side.  The brisket was incredibly moist and tender, literally falling apart in our mouths.  The smoky taste perfectly brought out the natural flavor of the meat without overpowering it.  You can add a sauce if you wish, but this is great brisket in no need of any sauce to cover up the Monk's great work. Bottom line: Great smoky flavor, incredibly moist meat, cut to the perfect thickness.

We also ordered the ribs, which were perfectly tender with the meat's smoky goodness easily coming off the bones.  Their dry rub is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, and truly does not need any sauce added. In fact, we always try our barbecue first without a sauce and then with various sauces to see how they complement it. When we added a sauce, while it tasted very good, it just wasn't that great perfection that Monk's gets with their dry rub, even the recommended Raspberry Chipotle Merlot, which was a great complimentary flavor.


Their handful of creative handcrafted sauces incorporate Corcoran's beers and wines and vary from sweet to savory and spicy. In addition to the Raspberry Chipotle Merlot, which is made with Corcoran Vineyards Raspberry Merlot, Monk's has Carolina Vinegar, Texas Red, Alabama White, Angry Sauce, Stout (made with Corcoran's Slainte Stout), and Blackberry Whiskey (a blend of Corcoran Vineyards Blackjack Blackberry Wine and Catoctin Creek Distilling's Roundstone Rye Whiskey).

Monk's sides include a vinegar-based slaw, smoked red onion beans and smoked gouda mac-n-cheese. We were in a really smoky and cheesy mood this trip and both went for the smoked gouda mac and cheese! The creamy gouda smothered pasta shells were a great compliment to the smoky meat. It's mellow cheesy smoothness balanced out the spiciness of the hotter sauces coating some of our bites.

It may be quite a drive out to Waterford for some, but Monk's is one of the best barbecue places in the DC area!  The pulled pork and chicken we've heard are very good too and can't wait to taste them on our next trip out, but the brisket and the ribs are worth spending an hour or more driving out there.  It definitely deserves being voted Washington's Best Food Truck.