Mokomandy's Korean and Cajun Fusion - the Perfect Tasty Duet


It's been a while since we've venture out, but needless to say our latest find did make up for it! So refreshing and unique, dinner was truly a delight, full of innovative, awe-inspiring tasty bites that you will not find anywhere else. No wonder, Mokomandy was recently ranked #6 Best Restaurant by Northern Virginia Magazine (December 2013 issue).  If you're looking for a great place to eat this holiday season, this is definitely a top choice, and we highly recommend it!

This restaurant fuses Korean, Cajun, and American foods into a surprising but wonderful union of cultural dishes. Their menu offers small, medium and large portions of a variety of foods, each meticulously prepared to harmonize the cultures together into one fabulous dish full of flavors and textures, leaving a lasting impression to anyone that dines there.


To start off the evening, we ordered two of their small dishes, the Pheasant & Sausage Gumbo and the Mokomandy Style Grilled "Drago" Oysters.   The oysters, which came highly recommended by our waiter, was absolutely delicious, made with a fried mignonette, pickled red onions and queso seco.  The texture of the mignonette along with the smoothness of the oysters were a perfect combo.  To follow we went with two of their medium dishes: Steak Frites and the Modern Korean Scallops.  The Steak Frites was served as two petite filet medallions covered with a coriander & black pepper crust accompanied by sweet potato fries and tender bok choy.  The Korean scallops were also excellent with glazed sweet potato slices, bok choy served with a tasty pea puree and kochi mayonnaise.  We enjoyed the other dishes so much that we decided to try yet another of their small dishes, the Rabbit Meat Pies & Onion Butter.  For those with a bigger appetite, Mokomandy offers large plates, which include their twist on the Cajun Poutine dish and several Korean dishes such as Korean Karnivore Ssam.  To top off the meal, we couldn't resist the temptation of ordering their Beignets served with several sauces (chocolate, caramel, house-made seasonal fruit and stern's cane syrup).  In addition to their exquisite foods, they have a large selection of wines, beers and signature handcrafted cocktails.