Tasting Room Photo Shoot at Adroit Theory Brewing Company

We had the pleasure to photograph one of the newest local brewery's taproom this month.  This brewery is definitely a favorite and has excellent selection of craft beers.  Many of the photographs in the slideshow below are the results of multiple composites. In some cases over 20 images were taken and selected to enhance unique features of the taproom such as the metal underneath the bar, the wooden side wall and the beautiful furniture and barrels handpicked by the owners.  We wanted to make sure that we captured not only all the features but also the character.  On a shoot like this, we often take the time to make sure that everything looks at its best, by rearranging some of the furniture, adding props such as glassware or bottles, thoroughly sweeping the floors and cleaning the counters to avoid any distractions.  The patio furniture was laid out in a particular way for the outside shoot to give a sense of dimension to the space. As in most cases, the way that furniture is arranged for business is not the best arrangement for a particular photograph's view and vice versa.  Some of the post-processing included selecting specific areas that were painted with light during the shoot, and adjusting color, contrast and brightness levels to bring out features from the shadows.  

To better highlight some of the process behind our Light Painted Photography, we thought this would be a great opportunity to show our clients some of the BEFORE and AFTER images.  Compare a normal, single-exposure photo to our fully lit, staged and retouched photographs.  Click on the thumbnails below to see how the image changes.  Note how the Light Painted Photography highlights individual scene elements in the picture giving depth and life to the space. 

Multiple light exposures were also taken for high dynamic range (HDR) photographs of the exteriors of the tasting room.  However, none of the interior shots were HDR composites, as they were all done using Light Painted Photography

Adroit Theory Brewing Company, located in Purcellville, is now open Thursday and Friday from 4-8pm, Saturday 12-8pm, and Sunday from 12-6pm.  At their recently finished tasting room you can sample 3 ounce tasters, 10 ounce tulips of all their beers, as well as get growlers to go. They have growlers for sale, along with other merchandise such as a wide variety of T-Shirts, hats and glassware.  They also have some of their beers available in 375ml bottles for on or offsite consumption.