Fine Wine Bottle Photography in Northern Virginia's Wine Country

Wine bottle photography is fun! We love the challenge that each bottle of wine brings. Wine bottles are like finger prints, each one is unique. Some are somewhat transparent, others are close to opaque.  Each label is different, some are matte, others are highly reflectiveOne of our favorite things to do when photographing bottles is giving the bottle highlights to make it glow and stand out.  Like any other commercial assignment, we pay close attention to all the details, from composition to lighting.  We love coming up with ideas that make each of our photographs unique and bring out the beauty of the wine.  For each image we dedicate time for planning, acquiring various props and backgrounds, creating mock ups, working out unique lighting, and perfecting the final image in post-processing. 

Here are a few from our latest shoot with Greenhill Winery & Vineyards, and don't forget to check out our other favorites under our Drinks portfolio.  Feel free to comment on your favorites! These wines are as good as they look!