Five Tips for Shooting Interiors

When it comes to interior and architectural photography, there is a lot more to making the final image than meets the eye. Careful planning, staging, lighting, and patience are imperative. When shooting interiors, we found that these five main tips help us get the images that clients want.

Get a feel for the space and, if you can, schedule a walk-through prior to shoot day. Look around the room and think about the different compositional options available, where you may be able to set up lights if necessary, and what features of the room are important to the client. 

Shoot RAW.  RAW files allow you to have the most control over your final images, from adjusting white balance and color temperature more accurately, to adjusting brightness and contrast and correcting vertical lines.  

Take some time to stage the room.  Once you have settled on a composition, it is important to take the time to stage and declutter the scene to create a more pleasing photograph.  Look around the room and see if any object needs to be removed from or added to the space. You may also need to move furniture around so that it looks best for the camera.  A room can look great when you walk in but may not look its best through the camera's view angle.  

Know your Aperture.  Aperture is responsible for controlling your camera's depth of field.  The more wide open your aperture is, the shallower your depth of field will be.  The more closed down your aperture is, the more in focus everything in the scene will be.  Select an aperture based on how much depth of field you're after to create the look you want. 

Expose for the bright areas.  When lighting interiors that contain windows or open doors, it is important to balance the interior light levels with those of the exterior.  Expose for the bright areas such as outside or bright light fixtures and set up the lighting in the room to bring the light levels up.   You can use flashes or studio lights and bounce light off the walls or ceiling or use light modifiers such as a softbox or umbrella, depending on the need and look you're after.

Check out these recent interior images that we captured for Grace Thomas Designs. Photos © 2015 David Meaux Photography. All rights reserved.