Basement Renovation

MODE4 Architecture designed this amazing open space and we were excited to have been able to photograph it.  The design incorporates a two-sided open bookcase offering a filtered view, a stand-alone entertainment center, and exposed floor joists to make the place feel taller and open.

When photographing a space like this, a lot of planning goes behind the scene from scouting out the place, to drafting up a shoot proposal to bringing in some props and styling the space to finalize the shoot.  We also like to give our clients some options, so when planning for this shoot, we decided we would shoot each composition with the door to the bathroom closed and then open.  Back at the office, we processed and retouched the images to make them come to life through emphasizing the features and colors of the design.  We did have to use some of our tricks to remove the entertainment system speakers that couldn't be detached.  

Photos © 2016 David Meaux Photography.  All rights reserved.